Trauma in the Middle East

October 10, 2023

In the wake of the shocking events that transpired in Israel last week, it feels like we are navigating a world that is scary and transforming.

As I discussed in my previous newsletter, the Mars-Ketu conjunction, the alignment of two fiery and potentially violent planets, occurred within the lunar mansion of Chitra. This lunar mansion is associated with weapons and transportation, hinting at possible unforeseen acts of violence related to modes of transportation. This was my concern when I wrote the previous newsletter on September 25.

Vedic astrology continually amazes me with its insights, as the attack on Israel last week involved unexpected sources of transportation, causing shock and confusion with an assault which included the use of hang gliders, bulldozers, motorbikes, pick up trucks, boats, and 4 wheel drive cars.

The element of surprise, often connected to the shadow planet Ketu, played a significant role in this attack.

In the astrological chart of Israel, the lunar mansion Chitra is in Israel's ascendant. This indicates a challenging, tumultuous, and even violent period for the state of Israel, especially with the upcoming eclipse on Saturday in the same lunar mansion.

During these challenging times when the dream of world peace and stability seem more far away than ever, it is essential to remember that eclipses offer unique opportunities for spiritual practice and aspiration prayers.

If you share in the sadness and concern for the suffering endured by the Israeli and Palestinian people, turning to prayer and mantra recitation during the eclipse can be a powerful source of healing for our troubled world. This is especially true for this upcoming eclipse, as the shakti or divine feminine power of Chitra is the power to create merit/good karma.

I'd like to share a special prayer with you, one particularly indicated for recitation during eclipses. It is known as the Samanthabhadra prayer, which means "all good" in Sanskrit.

If you would like to receive a beautiful English translation of this prayer to recite during the eclipse, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I will send you a copy.

If you are able to come to Mount Shasta during the eclipse on Saturday, please join us for prayers and practices at Shasta Yoga. Details here.

Together, we can contribute to the healing and peace of our world, and pray for the safety of all beings during these challenging times.

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Dr. Willa Keizer

Vedic Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and Homeopath

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