Please join us for Buddha of Compassion practice

at the Shasta Yoga Institute in Mount Shasta, CA

peace Buddha

This practice, which includes chanting in English, visualizations, and mantra, offers a simple yet profound way to uncover our own intrinsic purity/Buddha Nature while offering relief to those who are suffering in all realms through the power of the six-syllable mantra, Om Mani Padme Hung.
It helps us to purify our own negative karmas and emotions while cultivating the power of compassion and wisdom to help others.
The Buddha of Compassion is known as Kwan Yin, Avalokiteshwara, and Chenrezig in different parts of Asia. The practice we are doing is from the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism, and everyone is welcome to join us.

Genuine compassion is said to arise in those who pray to the Buddha of Compassion. Praying to the Buddhas in order to receive their blessings of compassion and wisdom is crucial for our own healing and purification.
These blessings bring us inner peace and happiness, which purifies karma and brings positive and supportive circumstances into our lives. This practice strongly calls to mind the suffering of all beings, which helps us to remain mindful, and feel gratitude for our own circumstances. 
We can do Buddha of Compassion practice for ourselves, for someone else or groups who are suffering, and even for the deceased to help their journey through the bardo and into their next life.

Explanation of the Buddha of Compassion Mantra Om Mani Padme Hung

Om Protects us from negative pride
Ma protects us from jealousy
Ni protects us from desire
Pad protects us from ignorance
Me protects us from greed
Hung protects us from hatred

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