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Illuminate your life's path with the light of Vedic Astrology

Are you facing problems in your work, health, finances or relationships, and don't know why, or what to do about them?

Would you like to understand the roots of your current circumstances, and learn what you can do to have a more enjoyable and harmonious life?

A Vedic astrology reading offers transformative guidance and focuses on your unique problems and concerns. It offers remedies based on your horoscope, and brings healing, relief, and well being to all areas of life.

Dr. Willa Keizer

I offer personalized Vedic readings, based on your Vedic horoscope.

As an astrologer and homeopathic healer of over 25 years, I tune into your problems through your horoscope, and highlight the insights that will be most helpful for you.

The problems and obstacles that you experience can be seen in your birth chart as karmic tendencies from multiple lifetimes.

By seeing them from this karmic perspective, we can find ways to relieve your suffering and emotional pain and experience well being, happiness, and serenity through Vedic and other remedies.

Your hour-long reading can be done online on Zoom or FaceTime. I also offer in person readings in Mount Shasta, CA.

Vedic Astrology - The Light of Divine Wisdom

 Profound Wisdom Revealed

The ancient science of Vedic astrology offers clarity, guidance, and transformation in all aspects of your life

The Sanskrit term for Vedic astrology is Jyotishwhich means the Light of the Deity.

This ancient science is related to the practice of yoga and Ayurveda, as they are all part of the Vedic wisdom System.

Vedic astrology is known as the Eye of the Vedas, as it sheds the light of wisdom on all areas of our lives.

It offers a vast and deep understanding of the karmic patterns that shape our experience, and has helped people make decisions about their lives for thousands of years. It can help you to unleash your true potential and embark on a journey of personal growth.

Gain Insights into Karmic patterns

You may have problems with health, relationships, career, or money.

You may feel confused or unclear about what you are here to do during this lifetime-- your life's deeper purpose.

You want to feel like you are on the right track, even during the tough times! Having a bigger, multi -lifetime perspective helps us to change what we can and accept what we cannot.

The challenges you face now may be related to  habitual patterns rooted in previous lifetimes.

You Vedic reading will identify the obstacles that cause suffering, both physically and emotionally.

It also reveals the timings of your challenges through the unique Vedic system of planetary periods (dashas). that can help to know when relief is on the way.

Healing Remedies offer relief

In your reading, we can explore ways to release unhelpful mental, emotional, and physical habits, obstacles, and karmic patterns with Vedic and other remedies such as:

  • mantra healing 
  • meditation techniques
  • flower essences
  • gemstones and color therapy 
  • karma yoga (specific virtuous activities)

These remedies require only a desire to create change and your willingness to practice them. 

They create profoundly penetrating transformations, leading to a sense of internal spaciousness, peace, and a deeper connection to your higher nature.

Dr. Keizer thoroughly guiding a client through a reading

Preparing your reading

To prepare for your reading, I will ask you for your complete birth information (date, time, and place) along with a list of a few significant events in your life to help me confirm the accuracy of the birthtime. You can also specify an area of life that you would like to focus on.

During your reading, I will provide an overview of the karmic issues that you brought into this life and how to best work with them.

After outlining how your challenges are reflected in the chart, I can offer remedies uniquely chosen for you and your situation, if you are interested.

I will send you a recording of the reading via email so that you can keep it and use it as a guide and reference going forward.

What People Say

Kristen G., Santa Barbara, CA

From my astrological chart, Willa was able to explain much of my past experience and give me practical, easy-to-implement tips for enhancing strengths and ameliorating afflictions. I found my reading to be very illuminating and immediately useful.

Quote by Kristen G., Santa Barbara, CA

R., Faith, Canada

Willa is incredibly adept at reading one’s chart.
I have seen Willa for readings for over ten years now.
I am always impressed with the accuracy about what a certain time period holds for me, and her clear explanations.
Willa gives you not only advice based on your birth chart, but the tools to deal with the challenges that you may be facing.
Willa has, through readings, helped me deal with challenging situations, and also to see them coming and know when they will end.
I rely on her knowledge and skill at reading my chart to help me live this life the best I can. She has never failed to be spot on with her information.

Quote by R., Faith, Canada

Vedic Astrology Reading

An overview of your birth chart and the specific challenges you face, along with remedial measures based on your interest. 60 minutes.


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