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January 12, 2021

Happy new moon! The moon is new this evening (Tuesday) at 8:38 PM Pacific time, so this is a great time to reflect on recent events and set intentions for the upcoming lunar month. I know this is an intense time for all of us, with political unrest on top of the pandemic.

This new moon takes place in the sign of Sagittarius, representing truth, knowledge, justice, and freedom. It is also the ascendant of the United States.

This yearly transit of Sun through Sagittarius is a supportive one for the United States and for the values and ideals that this country is supposed to embody, however, imperfectly implemented.

Venus, representing love and harmony, is with the sun and moon in Sagittarius as well. This looks very positive for some restoration of justice and harmony this month, especially through the efforts of women, as the two female planets are together here.  

Venus may bring some improvement in what sustains us, such as pandemic stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, or other economically supportive developments.

Sagittarius is unafflicted, but there are challenging planets on each side, showing restrictions, regulations, and clamping down (Saturn in Capricorn) and the threat of violence/power struggle (Ketu in Scorpio).

Although not generally used in Vedic astrology, Pluto, representing subversive elements of society and the breaking down and rebuilding of structures, is very close to the sun and moon at the time of the new moon, emphasizing this month’s theme of buried forces arising, and resultant transition and change.

Sun and Moon are in the lunar mansion of Uttarashada, which gives the power of unstoppable victory. It is represented by an elephant tusk and Ganesha and is associated with breaking through obstacles. This can show some progress in the area of justice and truth. Saturn, though in a different sign, is in this lunar mansion as well, emphasizing the opportunity for breakthrough through persistence and discipline.

However, there is a Kala sarpa yoga in the chart, which means that all the planets are contained between the north and south nodes, Rahu and Ketu, the karmic control/shadow planets.

Kala sarpa yoga tends to cause our karmas to arise fast and furiously. We have been seeing this happen since last week, as forces that were once shadowy and more hidden (like Rahu and Ketu) are coming out in full force. 

This can indicate strong, direct, swift, and forceful action in the direction of healing. This may bring progress in treatments for the pandemic, including vaccines, which are very Ketu/Mars-like with the use of needles and the emphasis on the defense/immune system.

Mars and Venus become more relevant as they rule the signs of the Kala Sarpa yoga. Ketu is in a sign of Mars, and Mars is currently very strong in its own sign of Aries, in the healing lunar mansion of Ashwini.

On a final note, I will share the advice of my Guru: Don’t worry – pray! Let us all pray that the turmoil and suffering of the past year result in a better era of living in harmony with the earth and each other. We can all do our part through prayers and aspirations to make this happen.olicy/restrictions (Saturn).

Ketu is like an extra intense Mars and can contribute to eruptions of violence, While Mars may bring intervention by police and military.

Rahu is in a sign of Venus, which is in Sagittarius, as mentioned earlier, bringing truth, justice, and harmony with universal law and principles.

The lunar mansion of Venus is Mula, which means the root, and can represent getting to the root, the dark side, the hidden side of things,  perhaps with some destruction involved. It has an energy similar to Pluto in some ways.

This is like a boil which has been festering, finally coming to the surface and erupting. Facing the smoldering side of ourselves and our society needs to happen for healing to occur, though it isn’t comfortable.

Both lunar mansions, Ashwini and Mula are ruled by Ketu, which is in the lunar mansion of Jyestha, ruled by Indra, king of the Gods, with the power to conquer or overcome. This shows the power struggles taking place at this time being a primary force in our society during the Kala sarpa yoga.

Jyestha is also the lunar mansion of our current president’s moon, which can only be seen as an affliction for Trump,  as Ketu represents letting go and destruction. In general, this indicates continued challenges in mental stability, but also misfortune and fall from power.

In the chart of the US, we are in a Rahu-Saturn-Saturn period from Nov. 1 of 2020, through April 15 of, 2021. Saturn is in the 10th house of the government in the US chart, so leadership is likely to be more disciplined and strong during this time.

As Saturn represents restriction, rules, limits, pressures, and disease, this may be a time when we are dealing more directly with the pandemic. Saturn’s lunar mansion, Chitra, represents design, innovation, and architecture.

During this time, a well-thought-out plan may emerge to deal with the pandemic and our social problems, which could involve new policies, rules, laws, and public health restrictions. The structure of Saturn, the 10th house, may be very reassuring in these tumultuous times.

In general, since Jupiter is moving away from the challenging conjunction we experienced at the solstice and towards the US  moon, representing healing, the earth, and sentient beings, we should see some slow improvement in the pandemic situation through medicines (Mars in Ashwini) and policy/restrictions (Saturn).

I also anticipate that the Saturn sub-period we have entered will bring more accountability and responsibility on the part of our government, which may be just what we need for the climate crises, along with the pandemic crises and the social crises.

The inauguration chart also looks very powerful for both healing and strong action, with Mars and moon in healing Ashwini in the Ascendant and Saturn and four other planets in the practical sign of Capricorn the 10th house of government.

On a final note, I will share the advice of my Guru: Don’t worry – pray! Let us all pray that the turmoil and suffering of the past year result in a better era of living in harmony with the earth and each other. We can all do our part through prayers and aspirations to make this happen.

I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy at this time. You can contact me for a personal reading to look at what the stars show for you.

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Dr. Willa Keizer

Vedic Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and Homeopath

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